Campaigning in Saffron Walden

Campaigning in Saffron Walden

In 2007 almost the whole of England apart from London went to the polls in local elections (along with the Scottish Parliament and National Assembly for Wales).

Here Jeremy is campaigning with Islington Lib Dems Cllr Lucy Watt, Emma Gowers and Bridget Fox to help Saffron Walden Lib Dems keep control of the Council.

Jeremy Increases Lib Dem Share of Vote in Croydon Central!


At the 2005 General Election, Jeremy successfully increased the Liberal Democrat share of the vote in Croydon Central. Against seven other candidates, Jeremy polled 6,384 votes, 13% of the total, a rise from the last General Election.

In a cliffhanger of a result, which took three recounts to resolve, and was not finally announced until 7am, Conservative Candidate Andrew Pelling overturned the Labour majority of 4,000 of incumbent Geraint Davies to win a majority of just 75 votes.

Jeremy said “I congratulate Andrew on his victory. I have no doubt at all that he will be a diligent, industrious and effective representative for the people of Croydon Central – even though as an MP taking the Conservative whip I think that many of the voting decisions he will take over the next five years will be wrong for the country, and not be in the best interests of the people of Croydon Central.

“I am very pleased that many more residents of Croydon Central have voted Lib Dem this time than in the past. The Liberal Democrats have a lot to offer Croydon, and residents are increasingly recognise this. Our chance to show what we can do will come, but it will not be tonight.

“I want to thank the Lib Dem team in Croydon Central, led of course by the agent Peter Ladanyi for everything they have done. And I want to thank too all those who have kept the Liberal Democrat flag flying in Croydon for many years – and who made sure that today more than six thousand people in this constituency had the opportunity to vote Liberal Democrat.”

See full result.

Jeremy Hargreaves for Croydon Central


It is an honour to represent the Liberal Democrats as our prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Croydon Central at the 2005 General Election.

This election is a really great opportunity for us as a party. There is no enthusiasm for either of the other two major parties – and we have a range of distinctive messages that sets us apart from them.

• We opposed the war in Iraq, and argue instead for a balanced and multilateral international system.

• We oppose identity cards and other infringements on our civil liberties, as both wrong and not practical.

• We continue to oppose tuition fees and top up fees for students.

• We believe that Britain should play a leading role in the community of Europe.

• We would offer free eye and dental checks, and free personal care for the elderly.

• We would fund these by charging income tax at a new higher rate of 50% for incomes over £100,000 a year – affecting less than 1% of the population.

These are causes that the British people agree with us on. Our leader is liked and trusted and I believe that we will do well at this election.

I joined Croydon Liberal Democrats in 1990, aged 16, and have been a member ever since. My first campaigning activity was delivering leaflets in Purley during the 1992 General Election. Read more…


Jeremy is a very experienced campaigner and has campaigned for the Liberal Democrats in many parts of the country.

In the past he has worked in places including Croydon, Oxford, Somerset, Chesterfield, Dorset, and Romsey, and of course as PPC in Rushcliffe during the 2001 General Election worked hard right across the constituency.

He is an accomplished media performer, with experience in regional and national television and radio, as well as contributing regularly to local and national newspapers.

He also has extensive experience in campaigning on European issues, and has taken to the streets to talk to the public on a whole range of different European issues, in places as diverse as Brighton beach, Nottingham, around central London in a traditional London bus, on the Pont Neuf in Paris, in Stockholm and outside the Parliament building in Sofia in Bulgaria.


His most recent campaigning on the international scene was in support of a petition for the European Constitution to make the European Union more democratic, in Berlin.

He was twice Chairman of the European Movement’s National Development Committee, which had responsibility for leading national campaigns, in the late 1990s. He was particularly responsible for a national campaign on the single currency in 2000-1.